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What’s in it for the Management Company?

We have developed a tool whereby the residents can report faults, i.e. a bulb that needs replacing in a communal area. Both parties can then monitor repair of the fault. The residents don’t have to chase the managing company and the managing company doesn’t get phone calls all day from irate residents. The use of this tool creates an open and transparent relationship between Residents and Management Company.

Why do Estate Agents love NeighboursOnline?

Simply, if an Estate Agent sponsors a Neighbours Online website, it almost guarantees them the majority of the sales and lettings business for those residents using the website.

People like ease of use, and it’s very easy to click on a sponsor’s logo whilst checking out the latest goings on in the forums.
We also offer the estate agents a full and comprehensive web service, through a partnership with our associate site EstateAgentDirect.

What’s in it for the Property Developer?

It’s free, subject to the size of the development. Buyers see NeighboursOnline as a value added service. It might not convince them to buy but they do feel more confident about their purchase.

What’s in it for the Tradesmen?

Wouldn’t every trade’s person love a group of people who use them exclusively, especially if there are hundreds of people in that group, that’s what happens at Neighbours Online. The residents themselves recommend tradesmen that advertise on our sites.

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